Inspirational, Visionary, Compassionate, Adaptable, Collaborative, Accountable are some of the traits that describe Eva Francis. She is a former accomplished healthcare & hospital executive who have successfully transformed organizational culture resulting in improved hospital & departmental efficiency, multiple accreditations, leadership development and other aspect of improved healthcare...

Eva is results oriented with a proven track record of success, leading organizations toward improved business processes, effective clinical operations, patient care services, quality measures, and hospital operations, as well as increased bottom-line results.

Eva is a transformational leader & strategic clinical program developer, with experience working on high profile leadership and healthcare assignments. These include business development, restructuring, expansion and strategic planning. She motivates leaders & staff by fostering performance based cultures, instituting coaching/mentoring programs & emphasizing the importantance of partnership as she collaborates with leaders of various industries.

Beginning as a registered nurse in her native country of Jamaica, she migrated to the U.S. and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Florida Atlantic University. Over the years, as a result of her dedicated work and her passion for nursing, she quickly navigated her way to the top, hence becoming a nurse executive and a respected and trusted voice in her field. She has inspired, mentored and trained thousands of healthcare professionals as well as leaders. Eva is an award-winning leader, an author, a professional speaker, and a certified leadership teacher and trainer with The John Maxwell Team.

Eva is the Founder of Brilliant Healthcare Training & Consulting, V&E Health & Wellness Foundation, and the Co-Founder of Leaders Lead LLC. Eva specializes in empowering & developing employees and leaders to excel in their career and profession. As part of this she strives to set an example in continual self-improvement, thus currently studying to obtain a Ph.D. in Leadership and Business Administration.

She is a highly motivated individual, very active in community projects and believes that everyone was born with a unique gift that should be used to add values to the lives of others. Eva believes that we all should activate and achieve greater potential in life.


Eva M Francis RN, MSN, CCRN
Certified John Maxwell Teacher, Trainer & Leadership Coach


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For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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